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Source Code:kernel\sched\core.c Create Date:2022-07-28 09:36:08
Last Modify:2022-05-22 13:40:38 Copyright©Brick
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Proto:void __noreturn do_task_dead(void)



4098  set_special_state() should be used for those states when the blocking task* can not use the regular condition based wait-loop. In that case we must* serialize against wakeups such that any possible in-flight TASK_RUNNING stores(TASK_DEAD)
4101  flags |= This thread should not be frozen
4103  __schedule() is the main scheduler function.* The main means of driving the scheduler and thus entering this function are:* 1. Explicit blocking: mutex, semaphore, waitqueue, etc.* 2. TIF_NEED_RESCHED flag is checked on interrupt and userspace return
4104  BUG()
4107  cycle cpu_relax()